Hate networking?

I used to, too. When I was with a large consulting firm, I was focused on work. I rejected coffee invitations, rarely talked with others before or after team meetings. I thought my work quality and ethic were enough. Schmoozers disgusted me. Then my company reorganized and I found myself unemployed.

Unemployment was the wrong time to realize I needed to start networking. I had to dip into my 401K. My confidence was rattled.

Over time, I gained comfort with networking. I've maintained strong relationships and built new ones. Colleagues have brought opportunities to me.

In fact, USO Pathfinder Program and Hiring Our Heroes asked me to lead discussions to help transitioning Service members and military spouses enhance their networking skills.

You may be wondering, where do I start? How can I feel more at ease? What do I do?

This program will help you gain comfort with networking and answer your questions. It's a step-by-step guide to help you become a strategic achiever.

Imagine how you'll feel when you're able to find hidden opportunities...

  • Create positive networking beliefs and experiences

  • Create your Career Mission Statement and get feedback

  • Feel confident walking into a room of strangers and engage others in conversation

  • Put structure in place to keep your network strong

  • Strategically expand your network

  • Comfortably ask for help to achieve your Career Mission

How is the program structured?

  • Lessons and worksheets designed to help you put a system in place

  • Email support to help you stay on track

  • Join the Networking Lab Discussion Group for additional support

  • Lifetime access to the content

Topics include

  • Overcoming limiting beliefs

  • Career Success Framework

  • Using the Network Tracking Tool

  • Strengthening your network

  • Expanding your network

  • Bonus material

    • Networking with other participants

      You're not alone.

      Join a safe space of professionals you can meet to help you on your path.

      You'll never know where your next opportunity lies.

    • Email support

      Get your networking questions answered.

      I will respond to your questions within 24 hours.

    • Tools and Templates

      You'll get the Network Tracking Tool, email templates, and other tips to stay connected.

    Gain Comfort with Networking

    Gain clarity in your career.

    Become a strategic achiever.

    What others say

    Thanks to you, I'm a natural


    I want to thank you again for the tip you provided on how an introvert can start a conversation at networking events. I practiced all week and executed yesterday.

    I can honestly say that it went well and I met some amazing people. I even confided to one gentlemen that I’m an introvert and it is hard for me to participate at networking events. He stated that he would have never known because I seemed like a natural at talking to people. It was the best complement and it made my night.

    It was a shaky start, but I felt comfortable the more I did it throughout the night. I also used your method of asking questions outside of work. People really opened up and wanted to talk about work but other things as well.

    Thank you so much.

    Comfort asking for help


    Gus, I refined my Career Mission Statement, and I plan to use it as the basis of my introduction when meeting other professionals.

    Now, having followed your Career Mission Statement format, I should feel more comfortable knowing that I have something prepared to offer in any new business relationship. With this newfound comfort, I should find it easier to make the “ask,” which will result in fewer missed opportunities and lead me one step closer to Strategic Achiever status.

    Overcame my fears


    Your virtual course helped me get over the fear of communicating with people. Especially when I was reaching out to folks to connect. I been in hostile areas and I had issues sending someone a message...crazy I know.

    Also, you gave me great tips on how to begin a conversation. For example, asking someone how long they been in that industry or making a comment about their clothes.

    I know why networking is important


    I loved learning the WHY it is important to network. Expanding your network not only helps you in the long run, but it can also help you be a connector to someone else.

    I'm excited to try the tip of entering into a 3 people group. I tested it yesterday, and it was smooth! Can't wait to test it out there!

    I can be myself


    Networking is so much less scary. The most helpful takeaway for me was to be myself.

    As an introvert, I really appreciated your distinction between being an introvert and shyness in your presentation today. Thanks for empowering me to reframe my thoughts on networking!

    Networking Guide

    Gus Lawson

    Gus knows firsthand how to build networking muscles. After finding himself unemployed and deciding whether to launch his own business or find full-time employment, he recognized his network was in sad shape. He discovered how to gain comfort with in-person and online networking and has developed an approach to reframe beliefs about networking, combine career planning and networking tactics, and take simple repeatable steps to strengthen and expand their network.

    Gus is a proud U.S. Navy veteran where he led the operations of the propulsion plant and auxiliary engineering equipment for a conventionally-powered aircraft carrier. He received the Navy Commendation Medal and was ranked third of 43 lieutenants for his technical expertise and leadership capabilities.

    Pricing options

    This program is free for Service members, Veterans, military spouses, and their dependents.

    Connect with me on LinkedIn to get the discount code.

    Gain Comfort with Networking

    Gain clarity in your career.

    Become a strategic achiever.